The Fall of the Qing Dynasty, 1898


The year is 1898, imperial China is on the edge of collapsing. The Wuxu Reform, which was a cultural, political, and educational reform movement, has just failed and led China into turmoil.

If the Qing government is unable to establish changes, does that mean that the only way to save China is by overthrowing it? 

Chair: Leana Ramirez
Vice Chair: Mariam Jemaa
Crisis Director: Sijie Xu

GRC Marvel Relocation of Blip Victims, 2023


The Global Repatriation Council (GRC), founded in 2023, is an international council that manages resources for the refugees displaced by the Blip. The Blip is the resurrection of all victims of Thanos’ Snap which brought back millions of citizens on Earth that now live as refugees. 

Delegates in this crisis committee will face challenges restoring order to a now overpopulated world ridden with social, economic and political problems. 

Chair: Daniel Mordkovitch
Vice Chair: Reema Aboudraz
Crisis Director: Grace Fawaz