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an inch of blood, an inch of land

china's 2nd national protection war
(alternate history)

This is a world where all hope has ceased to exist. The year is 1962. It’s been almost two decades since Japan achieved its Endsieg in Asia. Every day, tens of thousands of tons’ worth of natural resources are extracted from China’s soils to feed Japan’s ever-growing military-industrial complex. Lu Han, residing in his governor’s palace in Kunming, is satisfied by the apparent economic successes he brought to Yunnan: in just a period of five years, his little kingdom has its economy quadrupled in size thanks to the sheer number of resources it possesses. However, what he failed to see is how much suffering his aggressive industrialization program brought to the ordinary people. His personal wealth has increased tenfold, while his people couldn’t even receive the most basic of education and healthcare. Overworking became so rampant that twelve-hour shifts became the new standard practice. The complete removal of the concept of working hours sounds not so unusual anymore…


Does China ever have a chance to rejuvenate itself and end this inhumane system of exploitation?

Please note that this is a fictional committee that takes in a hypothetical world where the Axis won World War II, but no member of this Crisis Committee are Axis powers.



Sijie Xu


CRISIS director

Kaitlin May Wong




Cristina Bordean

Bryan Vu

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