General Assembly

United Nations Development Program- Africa

United Nations World Tourism Organization

The World Tourism Organization strives to promote responsible, sustainable, and accessible tourism for all.

Delegates will have a chance to discuss how COVID-19 is impacting the tourism industry and local economies that depend on tourism as well as environmental degradation resulting from certain tourist locations.

Specialized Agencies

House financial services committee meeting of October 2019, “An Examination of Facebook and its impact on the Financial Services and Housing Sector”

The United States House Committee on Financial Services oversees the entire financial services industry including securities, insurance, banking, and housing industries. Our committee takes place on October 23, 2019. Mark Zuckerberg has been called to testify before the members of the committee to be questioned on Facebook's developing cryptocurrency, Libra, and its impacts on the financial services and housing sector. 

While the priority of this committee is to address cryptocurrency, house members cannot pass up this rare opportunity to question Zuckerberg and their fellow members on a variety of topics including but not limited to: Cambridge Analytica, Facebook’s role in spreading misleading political advertisements, and Facebook’s insufficient fact-checking. Delegates will work towards creating a resolution that can address the committee's concerns with cryptocurrency as well as any issues resulting from Facebook that they feel are harming all Americans.

War on Drugs in America

In 1971 President Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs. The highly divisive war which began as a way for President Nixon to win political favor ended up playing a major role in mass incarceration across the United States, the effects of which are still being felt today. Even though most Americans no longer support a war on drugs it is still considered an ongoing battle in America. Delegates have been gathered to form a coalition to address the 21st-century ramifications of Nixon’s war on drugs including racial inequality in incarceration, mass incarceration (including privatization of the prison system), and the legalization/decriminalization of drugs. 

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