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(WSS 2070)

Fellow delegates, it is your responsibility to solve this crisis. Amidst a worldwide failure in reversing the catastrophic effects of the climate crisis, millions of climate refugees seek a new home, away from droughts and famines. The population of the United States, now soaring well above 400 million, is draining the water reserves of the formerly wealthiest nation. Canada, however, has resisted the effects of climate change quite well. This country of a little under 50 million possesses 20% of the world’s freshwater resources. With a conservative policy of climate refugee acceptance, Canada has put a strain on the immigration system of the United States. Struggling with this unforeseen strain, the United States’ government has severed ties with its neighbor to the north and has moved a quarter million troops along the border with the Province of Québec. Consistent with the principles set forth by the 1930 War Red Plan, it seems as if the once former ally of Canada seeks its natural resources. Concerned by these escalations, a transnational body of concerned experts, citizens, and legislators has convened an emergency US-Canada Water Security Summit to consult the aforementioned heads of state to prevent a bloody war. Fellow delegates, it is your responsibility to solve this crisis.

Please submit your position papers to by March 30th, 11:59 pm. For more information on position paper writing, please consult the delegate handbook and/or this page.

Rosalie Gauthier


Rosalie Gauthier



Yana Parkhimovich

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