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Path to Glory 

The Battle for Ionia

          In the early 5th century BC, Ionian Greek city-states rise in defiance against the imposing might of the Achaemenid Empire. Led by the charismatic Aristagoras of Miletus, the rebels seek to break free from Persian dominion and reclaim their autonomy.

          As tensions escalate, delegates will embody critical figures of this tumultuous era, be it Greek and Persian heads of state, military commanders, outcast leaders, or proverbial oracles. The fate of the Ionian Revolt hinges on your strategic acumen, diplomatic finesse, and crisis management skills. Will you rally support from Athens and Eretria, or navigate the treacherous waters of Persian diplomacy? Amidst the clash of empires, the fervor of rebellion, and exiled tyrants scheming to reclaim lost power, each decision will shape the course of history.

       From the sun-drenched shores of Ionia to the heart of the Persian Empire, the fate of the entire region hangs in the balance. Navigate shifting alliances, seize opportunities, and rally your troops, for the echoes of this revolt will resonate through the annals of history.


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