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Dans la rue  

This year, JACMUN is beyond excited to work with Dans La Rue in their efforts to support and empower homeless youth in Montreal. This Montreal-based Canadian nonprofit offers crucial service to homeless and marginalized young people, valuing commitment, kindness, inclusion, respect and collaboration.


Via its Van (La Roulotte), Day Centre, Family Services and emergency shelter (Le Bunker), the 1988-founded charity provides food, clothing, medical attention, emotional support and more to thousands each year.  Dans La Rue has become a multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals and dedicated volunteers, all with the goal of fulfilling the vision of attending to the immediate needs of young people and to work with them so that they can acquire the skills and resources necessary to live more independent and fulfilling lives. Today, this nonprofit offers a number of initiatives to assist young people in finding employment and developing life skills, and the charity's goal is to empower at-risk young people and assist them in overcoming the many obstacles in their lives.


Services like La Roulotte are characterized not only by their direct presence on the street, but also by their ability to direct marginalized young people to appropriate resources. Not only does Dans La Rue focus on individual needs, such as providing 24/7 shelter, meals and showers to marginalized youth, but this organization also prioritizes family needs as well. Dans la rue Family Services was created to help marginalized parents or future parents, aiming to help develop parenting skills and support young people in their role as new parents. The nonprofit has become a beacon of hope in the Montreal community: its unwavering efforts and commitment are truly improving the lives of many.

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